Improve website performance with Web Tagging

Optimize your online presence and enhance user experience by implementing Web Tagging for streamlined data collection and improved website performance.

Effortless Optimization

Experience Ingest Labs' Streamlined SDK.

Configure any pixel or media tag effortlessly with our intuitive UI. Our lightweight SDK, with minimal footprint on each page, gathers essential data seamlessly. Let the Ingest Labs engine lighten the load on your browser resources.

Self Hosting

Self-hosting on your own CDN as a true first-party SDK is a Ingest Lab recommended best practice. When you enable our ID Link service, you get to create a first-party HTTP Cookie to store the Unique ID for the visitor.

Hosting with Ingest Lab

You can choose to host your own CDN with us using a CNAME to Ingest Labs.

Providing most easy solutions

At Ingest Labs, effortlessly configure any pixel or media tag using our intuitive UI. Our lightweight SDK minimizes page footprint while compiling essential data, ensuring seamless performance. The Ingest Labs engine liberates browser resources from intensive tasks, optimizing efficiency.

Hybrid Approach

Adapt any pixel into a client-side tag seamlessly. With Ingest Labs' single SDK solution, effortlessly manage client-side pixel firing alongside all server-side pixel requirements.

First Party SKD

Implement industry-leading practices by self-hosting on your CDN as a genuine first-party SDK. Establish a first-party HTTP Cookie for visitor Unique ID storage while integrating our ID Link service. Alternatively, leverage Ingest Labs' hosted CDN option.

Enhanced Analytics

Monitor every KPI and track tag efficiency with stored or live performance data. Gain real-time insights into your website's performance with comprehensive analytics provided by Ingest Labs.