Boost speed & privacy: server-side tracking

Worried about website performance hampering user experience? Our Server-Side Tracking is a powerful solution for a smoother user experience without data loss. Move all 3rd party tracking scripts to server-side, eliminate unwanted network calls and deliver superior user experience.

Powerful results: Ingest IQ streamlined SDK

Our intuitive UI lets you configure any pixel or media tag in seconds. Our featherweight SDK gathers essential data seamlessly, minimizing impact on your website's performance. Focus on creating exceptional user experiences – Ingest Labs handles heavy lifting.

Take control of your data with self-hosting

Ingest Labs recommends self-hosting our SDK on your own CDN for maximum privacy and control. This approach treats the SDK as a true first-party solution, allowing you to create a first-party HTTP cookie for storing unique visitor IDs with Ingest ID.

Leverage our CDN for seamless integration

For a hassle-free experience, opt to host Ingest IQ SDK on our CDN. Simply configure a CNAME record pointing to our domain, & we'll handle the rest. Our SDK is hosted at edge networks with a very low network footprint, ensuring optimal performance & scalability.

Effortless data collection, optimized performance

Ingest IQ empowers you to effortlessly configure both client-side pixels and server-side tags (Facebook Conversion API, TikTok Events API, etc) using our intuitive UI. Our featherweight SDK minimizes page load times while seamlessly gathering essential data. This frees up browser resources, ensuring optimal website performance and superior end user experience.

Hybrid approach

Ingest IQ is a one-stop shop for managing both client and server-side pixels, eliminating the need for multiple SDKs.

First party control

Maximize privacy and control by self-hosting our SDK on your CDN as a true first-party solution. This allows you to leverage our Ingest ID service for creating first-party HTTP cookies to store visitor IDs. Alternatively, you can benefit from ease of use with our hosted CDN option.

Gain deeper insights:

Enhanced analytics

Ingest IQ provides comprehensive analytics with real-time and historical data of all your tags fired, allowing you to monitor every KPI and track tag efficiency for optimized performance. Set up your own custom dashboard to track KPIs of interest.

Key benefits:

Effortless tag configuration

Lightweight SDK for minimal page impact

Seamless data collection

Enhanced website performance

Unified client-side and server-side tracking for both web and mobile apps

First-party control over data

Real-time and historical analytics

Tag failure and anomaly detection alerts

Ready to collect Fist-party data?

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