Uncover website visitor insights securely and easily

Ingest IQ simplifies tracking visitors on websites and mobile apps. Keep customer data secure and comply with privacy regulations.
Gain valuable insights into your traffic with our server-side tracking platform.

Features to tackle the cookies

Leverage the power of privacy-first tracking. Ingest IQ equips you with Website & Mobile App Tagging, Tag Monitoring, Live Debugging and Crowd Testing – for seamless data collection and optimized analytics, all without third-party cookies.

Web Tagging

Embed tracking tags seamlessly into your website. Our no code platform helps you to tag websites with ease. Leverage our tag recording capabilities to troubleshoot any tag issues and cross-verify privacy compliance status.

Mobile App Tagging

Enable tracking for your mobile apps, collect valuable data on user interactions and behavior. Ensure accurate attribution through our SDK's ability to capture deep links. Trigger your media tags for re-targeting.

Data Streaming

Ingest IQ's powerful data streaming features unlocks event forwarding for journey orchestration & real-time data analysis. You can stream data into a CDP, Data Lake or a data science environment seamlessly in real-time with valuable insights.

Tag Monitoring

Monitor tag performance and integrity in real-time, ensuring accurate data for decision-making. Get real-time alerts on tag validation failures and tag errors with debug capabilities, verify data sent to Ad and Analytics vendors in real-time & optimize performance.

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