Ingest ID helps you unlock the true potential of your paid media campaigns.

Ingest ID is a first-party ID assigned to each unique visitor (prospect or customer) to the website/mobile app. The first party ID stays consistent throughout user journey, spread across weeks and months. Achieve accurate attribution and better understanding of customer journey.

Maximize your ROAS with Ingest ID. Start seeing real results today!

Identify Your Visitors

Unique visitor ID is generated for every visitor to help track them through the entire journey. Accurately understand the metrics on new and repeat anonymous visitors, new and repeat customers.

Track Performance Across Platforms

See how your ads perform on desktops, mobiles, and tablets – all in one place. Why use different tracking solutions, when you can consolidate it in a single platform. Ensure unform data labeling.

Personalize user experience

Deliver targeted campaigns for better results and a higher return on your ad spend. Using our Ingest ID, you can optimize the experience through personalization platforms.

Ad & Analytics platforms see true conversions beyond 7 days.

With Ingest ID, Ad and Analytics platforms are able to accurately attribute conversions beyond the 7-day cookie limit set by various browsers.

Unlock the power of personalization

Armed with deep audience insights, you can craft personalized marketing campaigns that resonate. Ingest ID empowers you to personalize content that speaks directly to your audience's needs and interests. The result? Increased engagement, better conversion rates, and a maximized return on your ad spend.