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FAQs about tag management

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers about media pixels, tag management, server-side tagging, data privacy governance, and first-party data strategy. For more information, we would be happy to provide a free demo of the server-side tag management platform prepared to future-proof your data.

Tag management fundamentals

What is Ingest Labs?

Ingest Labs is a next-gen tag management system that transforms your website and mobile app performance by reducing the time spent on media tag management processes, detects anomalies with no-code knowledge. More about Ingest Labs.

What is Tag Management?

A tag management system simplifies managing and implementing tags and diagnosing anomalies across different digital properties such as your website, videos, emails, products, apps, and more. It aids in improving website performance, data privacy compliance, on-site conversions, content recommendations, analytical intelligence, and an overall customer experience. For more, explore our guide about Tag Management 101.

What is crowd testing? How does it help me with tag fixes?

Crowd testing in tag management allows you to involve your team and your media agency to validate tags and find bugs in the existing flows. With MagicPixel you can automate testing and eliminate elaborate test flows each time.

What is server side tagging?

Server-side tags are secure HTTP response tags. Server-side tagging involves running these tags through a first-party server or back-end environment. On the other hand, client-side tagging tracks requests directly from the client-side (or browser) to third-party servers. This is a more preferred and secure way of firing tags and tracking data. With this, the data runs through your own server before you send it to an external receiver like Google Analytics, Facebook, or Bing. For more information about Server-side tagging.

Before moving to server-side tagging

We are currently using client-side tagging. How can you help us?

That’s fine because Ingest Labs supports client-side tagging too. But with the changing landscape of data privacy and cookie-less marketing, we strongly recommend server-side tagging especially to eliminate third-party cookies. We also bring the advantage of incremental transfers from client-side tags to the server-side. You can migrate them in incremental steps or all at once depending on which of this matter most to your marketing campaign.

We are global company abiding by many data privacy laws. How does Ingest Labs support the compliance?

Ingest Labs complies with all major international data privacy laws such as the CCPA, GDPR, and so on. The solution comes with in-built data elements and scripts that help you track user preferences. We also enable compliance according to your legal disposition and easily suppress or fire any media pixel based on visitor preference. We let you curb ‘Do Not Sell’ preferences without costing you.

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