Unlock real-time insights with our streaming data pipeline

Our system seamlessly integrates with your website and mobile app to capture data in real-time. This continuous flow of information lets you instantly analyze, combine, filter, and sample your data, giving you valuable insights much faster.

Uncover hidden insights: break free from data silos with Ingest Labs

Gain valuable insights into media engagement that were previously trapped within closed ecosystems. Ingest empowers you to access and analyze this data for a holistic view of your customer journey in your CDP or Data Lake.

Real-time Tag Data

Effortlessly stream pixel and tag data in real-time to your preferred destination. Whether it's your in-house analytics platform, a third-party Customer Data Platform (CDP), or your Data Lake, Ingest IQ delivers the data you need, when you need it.

Detect Anomalies

Never miss a beat. Our platform detects anomalies in your data streams, immediately alerting you to any broken tags or inconsistencies. This ensures data accuracy and empowers you to make informed decisions.

Streamlined Mobile App Tracking

Ingest IQ helps you understand user behavior across your mobile apps, no matter the device. Defined containers minimize tag clutter, optimizing performance while providing the data you need to make data-driven decisions.

Key benefits:

Access hidden insights trapped in closed ecosystems.

Real-time data streaming to any destination.

Proactive anomaly detection for data accuracy.

Efficient mobile app tracking with minimal impact.

Custom event tracking without the need for app updates.

Troubleshoot data collection issues with live debug capabilities.

Our app deep linking capabilities help you attribute campaigns better.

Ready to collect Fist-party data?

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Real-time Tag Data

Stream the pixel and tag data in realtime to any ecosystem, be it your in-house streaming platforms, third-party CDPs, or any data lakes.

Identify Anomalies

Magic Pixel is designed to find anomalies in data streams and alert you with specific broken tags. You can also compare this to a customized standard that is configured for your website and mobile app.​

Enable Live Testing – Live Debugging

Track events and consumer behavior across mobile apps built for different mobile devices. Minimize the use of too many tags with defined containers.