Revolutionize your marketing operations with Ingest Labs

A comprehensive suite of solutions for marketers to operate in the cookieless era. Minimize time spent managing media tags and proactively detect anomalies – all without needing coding expertise.

Boost efficiency, ensure compliance

Pre-built Integrations: Streamline implementation with over 100+ integrations for popular media providers (and growing!).

Server-Side & Client-Side Support: Ingest Labs offers solutions to handle both server-side and client-side tagging needs in first party context. 

Data Privacy Simplified: Easily comply with data regulations like CCPA, GDPR, CPA, CDPA, VCDPA, PIPEDA and LGPD with user-friendly compliance tools. 

Focus on what matters most: growing your business. Let Ingest Labs handle the complex tag management tasks, freeing you to unlock valuable insights and drive results. 

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Boost Efficiency, Ensure Compliance

In our years of experience in MarTech we see there is not a single comprehensive solution in market which provides not just server-side tag management for marketing professionals but goes beyond that. Some features we built wow our customers that they never imagined possible. We compiled all the difficulties faced by Pixel & media tagging professionals plus more in developing Magic Pixel.

It's Not Just About Tag Managers!

Data analysts, marketers, legal teams are involved in managing tags and they also need a dependable tag management platform. And so, we created it!

Unlock deeper connections with your visitors

Visitor journey

Understand your visitor behavior spread beyond the 7-day cookie restrictions from browsers. Attribute conversions accurately and gain better understanding of profitable channels and campaigns.

Consented data

We prioritize user privacy by collecting data only with clear, informed consent. This builds trust and strengthens your relationship with your audience. Comply with privacy laws.

Real-time insights

Gain valuable insights into your visitors' behavior the moment they interact with your website or app. Personalize their experience in real-time, offering relevant content and recommendations.

Passionate problem-solvers: the Ingest Labs team

Our team isn't just a group of marketing veterans – we're Martech enthusiasts driven by a shared goal: revolutionize tag management.

Fuelled by Frustration, Fuelled by Innovation: We, like many, were frustrated by the limitations of existing tag management solutions. Inflexible tools and data compliance gaps held us back. That's why we created Ingest Labs, a next-generation platform that empowers you to embrace server-side tagging for cleaner, more compliant data practices.

Effortless Integration, Endless Possibilities: We believe tag management shouldn't be a chore. That's why Ingest Labs offers a growing library of over 100+ pre-built integrations and customizable code snippets, simplifying the process of connecting your favourite marketing tools.

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Our mission is to make first party data collection easy, fast, clean, and transparent.

Let us help you unlock the full potential of your marketing data.

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