Real-time tag monitoring

Never miss a beat with Ingest IQs' real-time tag monitoring and debugging. Identify and troubleshoot any potential issues the moment they arise. This proactive approach ensures your data flows seamlessly, empowering you to optimize performance and accuracy for better decision-making.

Never miss a conversion: automated tag alerts

Don't let broken tags sabotage your website and app performance. Receive instant notifications for any malfunctioning tag or tag errors. Use our customizable triggers for comprehensive coverage. Leverage advanced filters for efficient troubleshooting. Ingest IQ provides robust staging and production environments to identify and fix issues before they impact your bottom line.

Automated Alerts

Set up automated alerts to promptly notify you of any broken tags, with built-in sensitivity alarms for critical mishaps and customizable triggers for comprehensive tag issue detection. Utilize advanced filters for tag monitoring and swift issue resolution. Setup alert workflows.

Anomaly Detection

Our anomaly detection solution monitors any deviation from observed traffic patterns. Mitigate risks like data leakage and privacy breaches in near real-time. Simplify tag audits for marketing and legal teams, ensuring compliance with data regulations.

Configure Trigger Delays

Optimize website and mobile app performance by delaying tag triggers until essential for a seamless user experience. Batch multiple events into one network API Call. Setup complex tag sequences using Ingest IQ's tag group functionality .

Authorize Media Agency

Empower your marketing team and agency to manage media tags efficiently with secure access for quick testing and campaign launches. Our strong RBAC capability ensures only authorized users can create, edit & publish tags to staging and production.

Automated Multi-alerts

Setup automation for you to be alerted about broken tags. In-built sensitivity alarms for fundamental mishaps and further customizations trigger any tag-related issues. Use filters to monitor tags and deep dive with clear identification.

Detect Anomalies & issues

Mitigate the risk of data inflation, data leakage, and data loss, especially with third-party engagements. Simplify tag audit cycles for marketing and legal teams. Stay compliant with data privacy and governance legislation.

Configure Trigger Delays

All media tags are not required all the time. You can delay tag triggers to improve the performance of your website and mobile apps and get them to load only when necessary. Let the user get a wholesome experience.

Authorize Media Agency

Empower your agency to manage the media tags for you. Gain an exclusive access for agency counterparts to do quick testing before firing media pixels and tags. No more any conflicts and excuses to roll-out media campaigns.

Preemptive tag issue detection with advanced anomaly analysis

Ingest IQ employs sophisticated anomaly detection algorithms to proactively identify potential disruptions to your media tags. This goes beyond simply monitoring for broken tags and delves deeper into factors that might cause issues before they nowball into a huge issue.

Code deployments & platform changes:

We anticipate potential conflicts arising from code updates or platform upgrades, ensuring a seamless transition without impacting tag functionality.

Browser compatibility monitoring:

Our systems track evolving browser behavior and flag potential issues due to browser updates or changes in rendering engines, allowing for proactive adjustments to your tags.

Feature conflict detection:

We analyze potential conflicts between newly implemented features and existing tag configurations, preventing unexpected behavior and data loss.

Naming convention standardization:

Ingest IQ promotes consistent tag naming conventions within your infrastructure, minimizing errors caused by inconsistencies and typos.

After Ingest Labs

Real-time debugging

Detect and debug broken or expired tags in real-time.

Quick implementation cycles

Adding tags can happen in minutes.

Unified Single View

Single view to see all available tags. Production and publishing environments are separate.

Real-time tag monitoring and debugging

By addressing these potential issues proactively, Ingest Labs safeguards your data collection and ensures uninterrupted performance of your media and analytics tags.