Unleash the full potential of your mobile app with data-driven insights

Ingest IQ's Mobile App Tagging eliminates the need for multiple 3rd party SDKs and provides a single source of truth for all your events. Go beyond basic analytics. Leverage events data for customer journey analysis, orchestrate new journeys, engage customers back with relevant communication and timely updates. Trigger media tags, for attribution & re-targeting campaigns.

Bridge the gap: seamless mobile app integration with Ingest IQ

Don't let your mobile app become an island in your media strategy. Ingest IQ empowers you to create a unified measurement plan and implementation strategy, just like for your website and other digital roperties. This ensures you collect valuable mobile app data and gain a holistic view of user behavior across all your digital properties.

Native or Hybrid

Eliminate the complexities of enabling tracking on both native and cross-platform mobile apps. Seamlessly deploy any new server-side tag, eliminating the need for multiple app updates or version controls. Focus on building great features and let Ingest IQ handle the data collection.

Streamlined Analytics

Ingest IQ integrates seamlessly with your existing Adobe or Google Analytics (GA4) to push events via server-side. Achieve a holistic view of user behavior across all your touchpoints. Leverage our Ingest ID for accurate attribution and customer journey analysis.

Event Monitoring

Understand your mobile app users like before. Monitor key events and user behavior across all devices. Our well-defined SDK keeps your app clean and efficient, eliminating tag clutter and ensuring optimal performance. Add any custom events with ease without needing app updates.

Native or Hybrid

Dynamically implement any new pixel on server-side without the need to make multiple updates or version controls.

Easy Analytics Integration

Do better tag management with an integrated approach. Postback to Magic Pixel endpoint with your existing accounts of Adobe or Google Analytics on your app.

Mobile App Analytics

Track events and consumer behavior across mobile apps built for different mobile devices. Minimize the use of too many tags with defined containers.

Key benefits:

One SDK for both Media and Analytics data collection (supports Webhooks)

Seamless integration with existing analytics (Adobe Analytics, GA4, etc.) and Customer Data platforms

Unified user behavior insights across web and mobile

Clean and efficient mobile app tracking.

Remote debugging and monitoring of data.

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