Server-side tagging for digital marketers with first-party data strategy

You can now collect data in a privacy compliant manner. Reduce most of the third party tracking scripts from the website, boost website performance and offer superior end user experience. Fix the attribution issues and the impact on performance marketing due to third party cookie deprecation. Curious to learn how to transition to cookieless world while improving data quality?

No more dependency on IT teams. It's low-code!

Intuitive user interface

You can now create, test, validate and publish media pixels in under 5 minutes.

Incremental tag transfers

Transition all your partner pixels and analytics events from client side to server-side, like Meta CAPI, Tiktok Events API, Google Measurement API, etc.

Pre-built integrations

Leverage our 100+ integration templates to send data to your partners seamlessly.


Create a winning marketing strategy with first-party data

A perfect recipe to handle browser restrictions and third party cookie deprecation

Owned media

Eliminate all the old and irrelevant tags. Maintain a master list and find out all those JavaScript tags that are slowing down your website. Use live debugging to find out how tags are behaving. Improve website speed and lighthouse scores by eliminating unwanted client tags.

Paid media

Use server-side tagging to send data to Meta ads, Google ads, and other paid marketing channels. With a single click, enable server-side integrations with demand-side platforms (DSPs). Own your customer data and launch media tags with a first-party context.

Shared media

No more tiff during affiliate sales audits. Ease out conversion audits associated with affiliates and influencers with multi-touch attribution, and third-party vendor management. You will be alerted about any data leakages or broken tags. Suppress vendors using the blacklist feature to support user privacy and data sharing preferences.

Earned media

Track and store customer visit and behavioral data points on the server. Using Ingest ID to attribute conversions to different channels. Gain insights into which channels are contributing to profitable customers, further aiding personalization, a/b testing, etc.

Unleash the power of first party data

Ad blocker resilient and cookieless tracking.

Better website performance

Better website performance = Improved conversions. Identify and remove unnecessary client side pixels. With server-side tagging, improve the performance of your website across browsers. Reduce the page load time and bounce rate.

Affiliate and influencer marketing

Server-side tagging provides the first-party context to track users and customers. It lets you strike an honest deal with your affiliates and influencers.

No back and forth and cumbersome sale audits. Simply pass conversion data which could be a sale or a lead back to a tracking provider via API or FTP. No cookies involved.

Remarketing or retargeting​

Find high potential customers, track and target them back with relevant ads. With server-side tagging, the data collected will remain on the server being treated as first-party data. Create custom audiences for retargeting and remarketing.

A/B testing​

You can continue to implement A/B testing with your ads and any kind of programmatic advertising. Your beta and alpha launches will remain intact. Use production and publish environments to test ahead and mitigate risks.


Personalization can be done before the page is rendered, so there is no effect on the served page. With server-side personalization, deliver superior end user experience even for anonymous visitors. Explore the beginner's guide to server-side tagging

Curious how performance marketers are winning with first party data strategy?